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News | Smith Protective Services

After receiving numerous compliments from staff and customers alike, Smith Protective Services’ Officer Edwin Cousin was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding customer service.

Officer Cousin

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We are excited to kick off this February by recognizing those celebrating milestone anniversaries with Smith Protective Services throughout the month.

We have five officers from our various branches celebrating 5 year milestone anniversaries. We also have two officers celebrating 10 year milestones anniversaries! We commend each of you and thank you for your service and dedication to Smith Protective!

Wishing a Happy New Year to all of our employees, clients, vendors, and friends from those of us here at Smith Protective Services!

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Smith Protective Services has always believed in supporting law enforcement both locally and nationally. In an effort to stay involved we often work alongside groups such as the North Texas Crime Commission (NTCC) with whom we share the mission to achieve proper enforcement and enlightened prevention through a comprehensive, collaborative effort between citizens and law enforcement. The NTCC seeks to make this  a reality by providing a forum for the exchange of information between local law enforcement and federal agencies (such as the F.B.I., D.E.A. and the U.S. Marshals service) aided by the support of the public.

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Wishing you and yours very Happy Holidays from those of us here at Smith Protective!

Are you currently a Smith employee? Are you interested in earning a little extra cash? We are paying a referral bonus to each employee who refers a new employee that completes at least 30 DAYS of FULL TIME employment with us here at Smith.

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We would like to congratulate two of our Houston officers as well as an officer from our San Antonio location.

This month, all three of these officers are celebrating 5 years with Smith Protective Services. We commend each of you on your service and dedication!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family here at Smith Protective to yours!

We are excited to congratulate three Smith Protective Services officers celebrating their 5 years anniversaries with us this month.

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We would like to recognize Richard Youngerman, an officer from our Austin location, for exemplary service.

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